See You Soon

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Here you will find my ever-growing list of places I plan to visit next as well as where I have recently been.




      Have a suggestion on a sight, event, or location I must see/do/experience? Let’s hear it! Have a trip in mind or suggestion on where I’m going next? Awesome! Tell me about it!  How about a fun and unique attraction or event?

      Do you own a unique hotel, stunning villa, or hostel in one of these places that I will be seeing soon!? Let’s work together!

      I can feature your property or attraction through, my social media outlets, and much more! In the past I have featured things such as cooking classes, walking tours, golf courses, hot air balloon rides, and helicopter tours but am open to pretty much any anything and everything in between!

      Note: I am currently seeking sponsors and partnerships for a massive around the world trip beginning first thing 2015. If you have a property or event you would like featured on this site and more let’s talk!


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