Postcards from Prague – A Photo Walk Through Europe’s Prettiest City

Prague is arguably Europe’s prettiest city. Hitler certainly thought so as he spared it from destruction during World War II. Thanks to that, Prague stands much the same today as it has for centuries. On my last trip through the Czech Republic’s capital city I took a walk with my camera to take in this beauty. These postcards from Prague images paired with a great walking guide gives you a wonderful tour of one of Europe’s shining gems.

Charles Bridge

I headed out from my amazing musical-themed hotel and made my way to the old town by way of the Charles Bridge. Constructed in 1357, this historic bridge crosses the Vltava River which splits the city of Prague in two. On this popular footpath you will find statues of over 30 saints, all of whom are incredibly photogenic. The real trick is avoiding the hundreds of tourists in your shot.

Old Town Square

Continuing on from Charles Bridge I made my way to the Old Town Square. As noted in a previous post on 10 Awesome things to do in Prague, the Old Town Square was founded in the 12th Century and features commemorative stones as well as the Prague meridian, the place where the noon shadow used to be cast. This was used to measure time in the Czech Republic. The square is also overlooked by the Old Town Hall, the church of Our Lady before Týn, and the monument of Jan Hus, the Czech priest and philosopher.

Back Across the Vltava

After wandering (getting lost) through the narrow alleys of the old town, I made my way back across the Vltava river on the Legion Bridge. This gave a different perspective on the Charles Bridge and looming Prague Castle. My postcards from Prague tour concluded with a walk through one of the cities many green spaces where I stumbled on the haunting Memorial to the Victims of Communism.  This interesting art piece is a reminder of the Czech Republic’s dark past from not so long ago and itemizes those impacted by communism in shocking numbers.

Beer Break

Capping off this postcards from Prague walk was a stop at Restaurace Stará Praha for some local eats. The Czech Republic is known for its beer and filling dishes. Although a day trip to Pilsen (birthplace of Pilsner beer and home of Pilsner Urquell) is recommended, you don’t have to leave town to find this style of beer or get a great meal. Traditional delicacies include roast pork, fried dumplings, goulash, schnitzel, and massive meat platters.

Postcards from Prague

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