My Priceline Winning Bids List

My Priceline Winning Bids List

My Priceline Winning Bids List

For years now I have preached about the amazing cost savings “naming your own price” on Priceline can bring and for years I have been meaning to share exactly how much those savings are. I have already shared my secrets on how to Save big on four-star hotels using Priceline where I broke down my bidding strategies step-by-step. Now I am sharing what hotels I have won, where they have been, and how much my nightly costs came to through this ever-growing Priceline Winning Bids List!

See for yourself just how much you can save by clicking through this interactive map of my Priceline Winning Bids List.  To compare what I paid to current rates just click on the link and it will take you to the specific hotel.

Note: Hotels and winning bids are sorted by city

    As you can see these are (for the most part) high-end accommodations in major cities with Hyatt, Marriott, and Sheraton hotels taking the majority of stays. Hopefully this can sway those that are skeptical about Priceline and the hotels they may get.

    I will continue to add to this Priceline Winning Bids List as I continue to “name your own price” to take advantage of some seriously great deals. Remember to check out my “How to save big on four-star hotels using Priceline” tutorial to find out exactly how I was able to score these great deals!


    What Say you?

    Do you have a Priceline Winning Bids List of your own??

    What have you scored by naming your own price?



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    • Lonnie Herbert

      This is great Shaun! I have always been curious about Priceline. I will read your tutorial and give it a try on my next trip!

      • Thanks Lonnie! Let me know how you make out and if you need a hand at all!

    • Jordan Hall

      I use Priceline all the time. It really is great.

    • Lisa Vale

      Some great steals here Shaun!