Odd/Awesome Chips of Asia

Odd/Awesome Chips of Asia 10

Odd/Awesome Chips of Asia

Fancy a Korean boy band with your kimchi flavored chips? Head to Seoul. How about seaweed flavored Pringles? Japan’s got you covered. Yes the chips of Asia may be odd to Westerners but fascinating to me. With that fascination I would like to share this ever-growing list of the Chips of Asia I come across.  Although I haven’t tried them all, I have tried many and will continue to add pictures of the ones I taste so be sure to check back!

You got to head to the “Stans” countries to find this chips of Asia gem. shish kabob and beer sticks anyone?
Craving cheese swimming in mayo? So do the fine folks of Hang Dong Thailand.
Hmmm. Maybe if these chips of Asia were wrapped in bacon.
“I want you…to eat my golden rings.”
I can only assume these chips of Asia double as a skin cleansing product. Yum!


Only in Russia.
These chips of Asia were surprisingly good! Could use wasabi.


These chips of Asia are better than they sound. Much. Think fish food.


These chips of Asia are the perfect travel snack on bullet trains in Japan.
These is a lot going on in this Dubai chips of Asia bag.
Only in Canada? Nope. Ketchup chips. In Dubai.

What say you?
Know any odd Chips of Asia that should be on this list?
Let’s hear it!

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  • uneventoast

    HAHAHA! I think this is one of the most useful posts I’ve read in a while! You know know what you’re gonna get with some of these flavours!

    • Ha! Thanks for the reassurance that I am providing a meaningful service!

  • Trevor Britt

    Awesome list! I love finding these different Flavours where ever I go too!

  • Brenda Miller

    Oh. My. God! Mayo and cheese pringals?!

  • Joanne Bryan

    Ketchup chips! Yes!

  • Victor Scott

    Boy bands and chips. That’s new. Also, caviar chips?!? We fancy!

  • I saw salmon and cream Lays chips in Thailand! (See photo!) I tend to like the seaweed varieties, but I haven’t tried that many of the other ones that are a little more out of the ordinary. Spicy lobster sounds pretty good actually.

    • Nice! I would totally try these!

      The nori ones are a favorite of mine too!

  • I saw a bunch of these on my recent trip to Asia but some are brand new to me…sorry to say I haven’t tried any!

  • I live in China, we see plenty of interesting flavors every time we head to the grocery store! There seem to be an especially large percentage of shrimp-flavored chips here, which I’m not a fan of. My husband is very adventurous and likes to try all of the flavors. We had some “cucumber” flavor chips a while back, and they were so strange, because they tasted exactly like cucumbers in potato chip form!

    • I bet there are some interesting ones in China! Cucumber sounds interesting!