Instagramming Tokyo – Sushi, Playing in Traffic, and Men in Diapers Shaking Babies

Each month on this website I feature a favourite country, city, or region of mine. Alongside this destination of the month comes posts, highlights, and now a quick collection of my Instagram photos from the area. Next up in this social photo sharing series is Instagramming Tokyo, a city packed with quirky and strange.

My first time in Tokyo I drank a small bar dry in the Golden Gai district, watched as sumo wrestlers made babies cry, learned that we in North America baseball all wrong, and got stranded in the complex (and surprisingly early closing) subway system. Yes, it was an odd and equally awesome trip. One that cemented Tokyo as one of my favourite countries to visit.

Fast forward to my latest trip, one you think I would have been culturally prepared for. Not so much. Not only did I step off a 16-hour flight and straight into a $390 meal I thought was $39, I managed to get stranded on that same early closing subway line. Still, Tokyo did not disappoint, this time with its incredible fish market, sushi making, and night photography. Even though the jet lag may have interfered with my photo sharing I still got some snaps off.

With that in mind here is a recap of my favourite Instagramming Tokyo photos.

Instagramming Tokyo

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Instagramming Tokyo

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  • Wesley Lambert

    Great article and fantastic pictures. I like that you skew toward the quirky and fun.