Instagramming Sochi 2014

Instagramming Sochi 2014

Still no Sochi blog yet but hey, I’ve got pictures! Instagramming Sochi 2014 is a quick recap of my blurry time in Russia. Thoughts and words to follow. For reals. Till then:


Instagramming Sochi 2014


The host country representing on the rink

Tickets for the day

Regina in the house

Erin’s post CBC appearance

Why so sad Russian Cold War era elevator?

That time I cheered for Russia out of fear

The Olympic Flame

Lord Stanley and his keeper

Instagramming Sochi 2014 and the great fans we met

So. Much. Vodka.

Canada vs. Austria Faceoff

Sochi Selfie

Thanks Sochi. See you in Korea

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  • Jordan Hall

    Loving the pictures Shaun. The coastal park looks crazy on TV.

    • shaun_robertson

      Thanks Jordan. It was so much bigger than TV made it look!

  • Steve Barber

    Great photos! We you really on CBC?

    • shaun_robertson

      Thanks Steve. Yes! I am hoping to get a copy if someone has it!

  • megan_claire

    Wow great photos Shaun! We’re really hoping to get to the Olympics in Rio in a few years – attending a huge international event is on our bucket list!! Love the pic from the Ice Hockey; love that sport!!

    Meg @ Mapping Megan

    • shaun_robertson

      Thanks Megan! Rio may just be my first summer games. The setup there looks really good plus, it’s RIO! See you there.
      Yes to hockey and yes to Canada Gold!

  • Rob Danza

    Is that a CFL fan?!? I didn’t know they existed! Lol

    • shaun_robertson

      Ha! They do in Canada. Mainly Saskatchewan…where this guy is from.

  • Doug Fossett

    Let’s see some more of your hockey shots Shaun!

    • shaun_robertson

      Working on editing some! Will let you know when done Doug!

  • Robert_Murphy44

    Some crisp shots Shaun.

    • shaun_robertson

      Thanks Robert! Loving my new camera!