Iceland in 60 Seconds

Here is a quick Iceland in 60 Seconds recap of my latest trip to the land of fire and ice. Geysers, waterfalls, glaciers, and good food & drink made for one great Iceland trip. Of course jamming 3 days worth of awesome into Iceland in 60 seconds doesn’t fully give this great country the respect it deserves. For a full recap of my favorite transatlantic stopover see my “How to Reykjavik in 3 days” write up. Till then enjoy this quick clip.

Note: Music – “Dirty paws” by “Of Monsters and Men” All musical credit goes to this great Icelandic band.

Iceland in 60 Seconds

Iceland in 60 Seconds has been brought to you by KeepGoliterally. Thanks to their global 3G data coverage I have been able to easily bring you these pictures and words while I bounce my way across the globe. For information on how you can get your own KeepGo SIM card see below:

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  • Phil Sampson

    Nice little recap of Iceland. Looks great but want to see more!

    • shaun_robertson

      Thanks Phil. More to come!

  • Tara Hains

    Cute video Shaun! Love Monsters and men!

    • shaun_robertson

      Thanks Tara, me too!

  • Fanny Lopez

    Fun! Looks like you guys had a great visit to Iceland. Love the videos and hope to see more!

    • shaun_robertson

      Iceland is awesome. Can’t say it enough. More videos to come!

  • Jordan Hall

    Shaun. Continuously jealous of your trips yet want to see more. Keep it up!

    • shaun_robertson

      Ha! Thanks Jordan, will do!

  • Trevor Britt

    Nice one Shaun! Looks like fun and love the tune!

    • shaun_robertson

      Thanks Trevor! it was and me too!