How to Tackle the Endless Temples in Bagan


If you have spent significant time in Asia, chances are you have seen your share of temples. Much like the churches in Europe, after a while they all seem to blend together. 3 months into my Asia trip and I had thought I had seen my last pagoda. And then I went to Myanmar. With over 2000 pagodas and temples in Bagan alone, it became impossible to avoid.

But why would I?

The unique colours of the temples in Bagan and the sheer concentration rejuvenated my interest in these places of worship. So much so that I’m here to share the best ways to tackle the endless pagodas and temples in Bagan as they really should not be missed.

Temples in Bagan by Car

The easiest and most comfortable way to explore the endless temples in Bagan is by hiring a driver for the day. For about $20 you can escape the Myanmar heat and visit the temples in Bagan from sunrise to sunset in the comforts of an air-conditioned coach. It also gets you to the most popular sites with a guide telling you what you are actually looking at.

Temples in Bagan by Scooter

The most exciting way to explore the temples in Bagan is by renting a scooter or E-bike. For as little as $5 per day you can scoot your way around town – stopping at as many or as little temples in Bagan as you like. The downside to exploring these temples in Bagan by scooter is you are left to guide your self. The upside is you are left to guide yourself. I had the best time visiting the smaller and less crowded sites, stopping when and where I wanted.

Don’t forget the sunscreen!
Getting off the tourist route.
Getting off the tourist route.


Temples in Bagan by Horse Cart

The slowest and most laid-back way to tour the temples in Bagan is by horse cart. This is definitely the most unique way to go but can be hot and long. This also means you only see a few temples in Bagan along the way.


Temples in Bagan by Balloon

Arguably the most scenic way to tour the temples in Bagan is by hot air balloon. I was looking forward to this method as I fell in love with ballooning while touring Cappadocia, but alas I was in Bagan during the off-season. Hot air ballooning runs from October to March and costs around $300 per person. A high price in comparison to the other ways of tackling the temples in Bagan but I can only imagine the spectacular and peaceful views you are presented with.

The best way to Tackle the Temples in Bagan

Of course there is no best way to tackle the temples in Bagan. Depending on your budget and time, your approach may vary. If you are short on time or want to see and experience as much as possible then my suggestion is to combine a few ways as I did. Hire a driver for sunrise then a horse cart to take you back to your hotel for a rest. Rent a scooter for an afternoon of exploring and find a quiet spot for sunset. If you’re lucky enough to be visiting the temples in Bagan between October and March don’t miss a balloon ride…and let me know how it goes.


 Temples in Bagan Good to Know

  • Ask staff at hotel/hostel to arrange a driver or scooter rental
  • If renting a scooter take a map and sunscreen!
  • Be sure to have your $20 Bagan tourist card with you! This is purchased on arrival at the airport. Random checks happen at the major temples in Bagan.

What say you?
Thoughts on tackling the Temples in Bagan?
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