How to Accumulate Aeroplan Points Fast


How to Accumulate Aeroplan Points Fast

For years now I have been taking advantage of Aeroplan points. I’ve used them to fly to South America, Asia, New Zealand, and Europe – all within a short timeframe. The key to this is accumulating Aeroplan points fast, and it’s easier than you think. With that in mind here is the first step in my Aeroplan points series – how to accumulate Aeroplan points fast so you can use them to build your dream trip.

Credit Cards

The easiest way to accumulate Aeroplan points fast is through credit card promotions and sign-up offers. Currently in Canada TD, CIBC, and AMEX all offer big time sign-up bonuses. For as little as $120 you can accumulate enough Aeroplan points to send you on a long-haul round-trip in Canada or the USA. Some cards offer the first year free meaning you can sign up, receive the bonus points, and canceled before the year is over free of charge.

Once you have this card(s), use it. I use my TD Aeroplan Visa for everyday purchases. From a pack of gum to home appliances, everything counts. At a point per dollar, it all adds up.


Aeroplan Promotions

Another great way to accumulate Aeroplan points fast is through Aeroplan promotions. Sign up for their newsletter and follow their social media accounts to receive promotions that include restaurants in your area, rental cars, hotels and more. Looking at purchasing a big ticket item like a TV or even power tools? Consider using were you will earn Aeroplan points on your purchase and possibly save money in the process. This online retailer often publishes promotions that can help you accumulate Aeroplan points fast. Bonus – by using your new Aeroplan credit card you can double up the points on your purchase.

Transfer Points

Have you been collecting other loyalty points for years and never found a way to use them? You may be able to transfer them and accumulate Aeroplan points fast in the process. At least once a year Aeroplan has a promotion where you can transfer points over and earn up to 25K Aeroplan points in the process. See below for a list of eligible loyalty points to transfer over.



CIBC and TD regularly have promotions that can help you accumulate Aeroplan points fast. Opening an account can quickly get you enough for a short haul flight. Be sure to read the fine print though, most of these deals include higher monthly fees so make sure it is worth it in your situation.

No time? No problem!

To accumulate Aeroplan points fast this way can be time-consuming. That’s where I can help. Creating dream trips and to maximize Aeroplan points has become a passion of mine and something I have added as a service. If you want help booking an amazing trip, give me a shout.

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