This Life in Trips to Go – GPSmyCity Travel Article App Review

Exciting news friends! Now you can take This Life in Trips with you on the go thanks to a partnership with GPSmyCity. What does this mean? Great content from this site (and many others) are converted into travel article apps that can be downloaded to your mobile device and used offline in the very cities that the post is about.

Why use GPSmyCity Travel Article Apps?

How many times have you read a great blog post with useful tips about what to see and do in a new city you are about to visit, only to totally blank on those suggestions once you get there? You stumble with finding reliable WiFi and fumble with your phone while digging around for that great article, only to have to pull up each individual addresses for each point of interest one by one. You waste time and effort on something that should be so very easy.

Sound familiar? If only there was a better way…


Introducing GPSmyCity, a free Apple iOS and Android App* that take those headaches out of the equation. This App works offline, which mean no cellular data or WiFi is necessary once the App and article is downloaded. To take things even further, you can choose to upgrade each GPSmyCity travel article App to get offline maps. This gives you pain-free directions and routes to each landmark and site identified in the article, without the need for WiFi or a roaming data plan.

Be Your Own Tour Guide

GPSmyCity offers thousands of articles and DIY walking tours in hundreds of cities around the world. This powerful tool arms you with the ability to get an insider’s take on a new destination. Better yet, it lets you experience it at your own pace. With the in-App purchases, you can unlock walking directions and tour route maps for each post. For a few dollars it is a pretty great deal considering the time and frustration you save going it alone.


Giveaway to get you Started!

Starting today, the following This Life in Trips articles are available for download on GPSMyCity as self-guided GPS travel article Apps:

To help get you started, to celebrate this week’s launch of my Apps, GPSMyCity is offering FREE upgrades for the following articles:

*NOTE: As of publication date, only iOS versions are available.

There you go. Download the GPSmyCity App now and take This Life in Trips with you on your next adventure. Give it a test run while they are free. Be warned, there is a good chance you will never travel the same again!

What say you?
Thoughts on GPSmyCity’s Travel Article Apps?
Suggestions on other articles you want to see in App form??

Let’s hear it!

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