EgyptAir Business Class Review

EgyptAir Business Class Review

Although not one of the major players when it comes to luxury travel, EgyptAir does offer some serious comfort. Pair that with being one of only a handful of Star Alliance partners that don’t charge taxes on reward tickets and you have got great value. Because of that, I booked my first transatlantic journey of my 9 business class flights for $325 with EgyptAir. In the process, it gave me a chance for this EgyptAir business class review, one filled with lots of leg room and a little smoke. Read on.


Route: Toronto to Cairo (intercontinental)
Aircraft: Boeing 777 – 300 ER
Seats: 10 C/D
Highlights: Lay flat seats and comfort.
Low lights: Entertainment limited, no alcohol, smoking!


The first thing on this EgyptAir business class review has to be the ridiculous seats. They recline, they lay flat, they have USB and 120 volt power connections. What more do you want for a 10 hour flight?

Seriously, I’m 6 foot and didn’t touch the seat in front when stretched out.


Let’s get this out of the way – THE CREW WAS SMOKING ON THIS FLIGHT! Several times during the trip I could smell smoke – something never comforting on a flight. I can only assume it was the pilots taking a break and something that is common but this was a first for me.

Service highlights on this EgyptAir business class review included an amenities pack with toothbrush and toothpaste, surprisingly comfy socks, and a sleep mask. Another nice touch was the “do not disturb” service that EgyptAir Business class uses.

Food & drink

This is where this EgyptAir business class review takes a dive. The food, although plentiful, is on par with coach quality. The drink, and this is a big one, is nonexistent. EgyptAir does not serve alcohol on its flights to and from Egypt. This is worth repeating in this EgyptAir business class review – there is no booze. This is because Egypt is a Muslim country and therefore, a mostly dry one. I can respect this however I have flown on plenty of other Muslim based airlines where this wasn’t a thing.

EgyptAir Business Class Review
EgyptAir Business Class Review
EgyptAir Business Class Review


Another lowlight on this EgyptAir business class review was the in-flight entertainment. There is only a handful of choices in any category (except Arabic) and the ones that were there were heavily censored. The kick ass chair does have a USB input so you can watch your own movies, but who really wants that?

EgyptAir Business Class Review


Even though there was more then a couple smokey shortcomings with my EgyptAir business class review, I would happily look pass them again to enjoy that lay flat bed. Seriously. I am 6 foot and had to really stretch to touch the seat in front of me.

EgyptAir Business Class Review

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So how does EgyptAir Business Class rank?

9 Seats
10 Service
7 Food & Drink
6 Entertainment
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