Amsterdam Food & Brew in 60 Seconds

Amsterdam Food & Brew in 60 Seconds

Even though we only had a day in Amsterdam on this trip, we ate and drank like we were there for three. Thanks to Hungry Birds Street Food Tours Erin and I got to taste Amsterdam food and then some. Seriously, we ate our weight in gouda cheese, tiny pancakes, Bitterballen, and raw herring. And what better way to wash that fishy taste out of our mouths than a visit to the Heineken Brewery for a sample or 6. More to come on this ridiculous visit. Till then enjoy…


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  • Brenda Miller

    Looks yummy! And brewery too!

    • shaun_robertson

      So good!

  • Lonnie Herbert

    Fun! I love Amsterdam but haven’t done either of these. Next time!

    • shaun_robertson

      Yes such a great city and Hungry Birds is definitely worth it!

  • Tristan Green

    I loved the Heineken Brewery! So much fun.

    • shaun_robertson

      It was fun but pretty “Disney” to me. I will be doing a post on my Heineken experience soon!

  • Joanne Bryan

    LOL from you hugging the vat of beer!

    • shaun_robertson

      Ha thanks Joanne. My first love – Beer.

  • John Caldwell

    Too bad about the Heineken brewery. I would still like to see it though.

    • shaun_robertson

      And you should John! This was just my experience. Doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy!

  • David Michell

    Looks like you ate your share of Amsterdam!

    • shaun_robertson

      We did David! So much great food. It was a shock.