5 Reasons why I will Return to New Zealand

Milford Sound with Real Journeys

Never before have I said that I can’t wait to be back somewhere while still in that country until New Zealand. While on my drive north on the South Island I was already planning my return to New Zealand. It’s that great. More specifically, here are 5 reasons why I will return to New Zealand.

Not Enough Time

The first reason why I am already planning a return to New Zealand is the fact that I just didn’t have enough time. What was originally supposed to be a month long trip was compressed into just three weeks. Although I managed to cover both the south and north islands during that time and saw and did amazing things like Milford Sound, flying a biplane over Lake Wanaka, and riding in a vintage car through Napier, this just made me want to see more.

Go Fish

New Zealand is known to have some amazing and untouched fishing areas. So much so that a cousin of mine spent 9 months doing just that. I would return to New Zealand, rent a camper van, and take it slow. This means stopping at whatever lake or stream I find along the way.

In other words, heaven.

– curtosey of cousin Chris Yates

More Queenstown

Queenstown is a beauty. A return to New Zealand wouldn’t be complete without exploring the fjords or the coast in the mountains along the way.


Warbirds over Wanaka

If you have been following along you will know that I am an airplane nerd. I have gone out of my way to air races, factories, and museums strictly dedicated to vintage Aircraft. While taking a thrilling biplane ride over Wanaka I found out that there is an air show called Warbirds over Wanaka held in March. Must return to New Zealand for this.


Super cool, Super nice

Lastly on why I will return to New Zealand is the simple fact that it is a cool and friendly place to visit. Although I discovered first-hand why Wellington is known as the Capital of Cool, I found the entire country to be fun. From the Art Deco in Napier to the vineyards and beaches on Waiheke, New Zealand is hip. The fact that the people there are ridiculously genuine and friendly doesn’t hurt either. Perhaps expectations were low as I was jaded by my experience with Australians. Instead I found Kiwis to be super welcoming and more than accommodating. Just another reason for you to visit this awesome country and for me to return to New Zealand.


What say you?
Thoughts on why I will Return to New Zealand?
Let’s hear it!

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