150 Very Canadian Ways to Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday (Part 3)

101) Ice Climb Jasper’s Maligne Canyon

102) Visit Something Giant

Oversized nickel, cowboy boots, apple, or sausage? We got em, and they are ginormous.

103) Watch the Salmon Run 

via @Vancouver is Awesome

Can’t catch them in the wild? Head to North Vancouver’s Capilano River Hatchery for front row seats!

104) Say Eh?

via @MetroNews

There is no shame in it, eh? Be proud of this.

105) Visit Parliament Hill

106) Pee in the Snow

… because we have all done it.

107) Experience the Goldrush

There is no better place than the Yukon to experience what life was like for those that risked it all to get rich!

108) Go to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

…Because Moose Jaw.

109) Enjoy a Shore Lunch

110) Visit the Living Prairie Museum

via To Do Canada

Tall grass nature preserve in Winnipeg proving life is not all flat on the prairies.

111) Go White Water Rafting

112) Enjoy Afternoon Tea in Victoria

When in Victoria, do Victorian things.

113) Ride in a Bombardier Snow Machine

114) Mix Beer and Clamato

I’m not sure what it’s called but it’s 100% Canadian

115) Cruise the Thousand Islands

Bet you can’t count them all.

116) Catch an Arctic Grayling

117) Swim in the Ocean, Play a round of Golf, and Ski…all in the Same Day

When in Vancouver.

118) Get Tossed on a Blanket

via Wikipedia

Traditionally made out of hides, the blanket toss is uniquely Northern fun.

119) Say hi to a Buffalo

120) Meet Bonhomme

via Flickr @dnhockey

World’s most loved or creepiest snowman? You decide.

121) Go Snowshoeing

122) Learn about Canada’s Small Towns with Still Standing

Comedian Johnny Harris is a small town Newfoundland man dedicated in finding the funny in Canadian communities that have hit hard times.

123) Stay at an East Coast bed-and-breakfast

124) Catch a Blue Jays Game

125) Star Gaze

Seriously, are stars are brighter up here.

126) Enjoy a Coffee Crisp

How do you like your coffee?

127) Go for a Hike

The great outdoors are pretty great up here.

128) Drink a Slurpee

via Flickr @Tallula Wilkie

Winnipeggers are Slurpee mad. They consume more of the frozen slush drink per month than the rest of the country combined!

129) Use a Canadian cooler

130) Try your Hand (or foot) at Northern or Dene Games

via EdmontonJournal

A true test of skill should be measured by high kicking a target off one foot or pulling another persons fingers off, no?

131) Cross a Suspension Bridge

Enjoying my backyard at the @seatoskygondola. I love to travel but coming home is never a bad thing!

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132) Go Fly Fishing

Throwback to the most glorious sunset a fly fisherman could ask for.

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133) Go Dog Sledding


134) Explore Québec City

As close to Europe as you will get in North America.

135) Put the Top Down…because it’s 2°C

Summer is short. Live it up.

136) See Polar Bears Chill in Churchill

via Flickr CC @Spriglet Spriglet

137) Visit a Cottage

Where I used to spend my summers as a kid!

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…if you know a Canadian, chances are they have (or knows someone who has) a cottage.

138) Embroider a Beaver Wearing Plaid…While Drinking a Beer on a Plane.

Why not?

139) Golf at the World’s Most Northerly Golf Course

140) Watch a Lacrosse Game

Despite what you may think, it is Canada’s national sport.

141) Check out Folk on the Rocks

What happened? I blacked out. 3

One of Northern Canada’s best musical festivals…or so says someone who has played it…

142) Eat Salmon Candy

143) Visit Kingston, Ontario

via Kingston Tourism @Tim Forbes

Canada’s original capital city and home of our first Prime Minister, Sir John A. McDonald.

144) Wear a Touque

via @CBC

What do you call it?

145) Read Anne of Green Gables

via Wikipedia

A Canadian classic!

146) Enjoy Nature on a Quad

…then drive over it.

147) Eat a Montréal Style Bagel

Soft and chewy, like a bagel should be.

148) Eat Timbits

via Flickr CC @rosalind

…not your average donut hole.

149) Go Surfing in Tofino

The stormy west coast of Vancouver Island. Not a bad work week with stops like this.

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150) See it all!

Coast to coast on VIA Rail, what better way to see it all?

What say you?
Thoughts on these ways to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday?
Let’s hear it!


Very Canadian Things to do for Canada's 150th

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